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Dscn0522The images contained in this post depict the work in progress today, one week before Thanksgiving.  To see the unbuilding of the Noble, please continue reading...

Dscn0528_1The main stair case must be isolated from residential areas of the buidling to satisfy fire code.  We will use the old ski room to configure a new stair, landing, sitting area, and partition wall at the third floor level.  At the second floor, a landing will also be added in the space formerly used by an old passenger elevator.  The elevator its self must therefore go.


The third floor kitchen is further along then the previous post.  This room will be releived of a number of partition walls to promote flow during peak seasons.  Water pipe, steam line, condensate return lines, and other mechanical systems will be removed once the systems have been turned off and disconnected.  This means water, heat, and gas will no longer service the building- we'll wait until the last possible moment to shut these systems down.Dscn0533

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Dscn0489_4Before new systems and finishes can be installed, a large volume of material must be removed.  In the third floor kitchen, walls are opened to expose old plumbing and the studs that must be removed to reconfigure the room.  Most of second and third floor will not see nearly this much alteration.  First floor is another story...

In many cases, the demolition must be specific and must not disrupt walls and systems that are meant to remain.  The demolition is coordinated by the General Contractor and is carried out by sub-contractors and thier temporary help.  Some materials are collected, stored on pallettes, and relocated for future use like this marble baseboard.Dscn0469_1   Other demo is temporarily on hold until systems can be disconnected.  In some cases, this means that plumbing fixtures and supply must remain in place until the water supply can be temporarily shut down.
Material is removed using wheel barrows and the old freight elevator.  Demolition will produce dozens of cubic yards of debris and will require a month of effort.  This material is destined for the Fremont County solid waste landfill and will cost the school $2500 in transport fees and another $12000 in "tipping" fees at the dump for the estimated 300 tons of refuse.

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