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Historical Electrical Fixtures

Dscn0637As dust starts to settle from initial demolition, it's time to review schedules of historical objects that are destined to be re-installed.  Hand-built glass globes from original Main Street hall fixtures exemplify the detail of the original design.  Some fixtures require more then just a dusting and some fresh bulbs...

Dscn0632Modern electrical code specifies basic requirements for safe fixtures.  Old "tube and spool" wiring used braided copper wire wound in a cloth-like coating and ceramic tubes to penetrate studs or spools that held the wire away from framing.  In order to retrofit antique fixtures, new wiring is required to provide a ground and to greatly reduce potential for fire. 

Some components like brackets used to suspend entire fixtures were custom fabricated and will need to be replicated.  Removal of old paint and dirt and replacement of broken or missing glass is also part of the treatment.  This restoration is contracted separately from the greater portion of the work.Dscn0625

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Unbuilding II



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