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Two Months, cont.

Dscn0892Insulated duct is pieced together on-site and is connected to internal and external air handling units.  The largest handler is lowered through the floor using a temporary hoist and a hole in the commons floor...Dscn0998_1

Once in the basement, the pieces of the handler are assembled on a concrete curb.  This unit will weigh over three thousand pounds when fully assembled.Dscn1045  The ducts that carry air from this handler will generally be hidden inside new walls or above suspended ceilings. In the basement, most of the ductwork will be hidden in this long perimeter chase.Dscn0889

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Two Months to Go...

"Rough-in for second and third floor sits at 98% complete," Shawn LaBaugh explains.  He's looking at the schedule for 26 different sub-contracts, contemplating what might hold up the flow of work in the building. Shawn works with Rodney Boutelle, the site superintendant, to make sure time and material is used as efficiently as possible.  Work is sequenced two or three weeks out at weekly coordination meetings where each sub's foreman addresses the items holding them up and the potential impacts of their work on following tradespeople.  It's still a little chilly to be pressure washing and opening up all the first floor windows but inside, the site is hopping...Dscn0988

Electricians have staged much of thier material in room 208 so it's handy when they start pulling legs or homeruns. Dscn1067 In the basement, new conduit is much more organized and tight to the ceiling then previous service.  Danny (a.k.a. the Reverend) from Boyle Electric is shown here schemeing how to finish the main service out of the MDP or main distribution panel.Dscn1036  Conduit of various sizes protects the copper wires as they travel to 16 load centers, 10 of which are new.  Electrical service exemplifies the basic services that must be in place before we  are allowed to occupy a portion of the building, now scheduled for 5/29.Dscn1040

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Full Swing

Dscn0906In the month and a half since the previous BLOG psoting, work in the hotel has accelerated incredibly. In the basement, new blumbing and partition walls have been installed across the hall from the weight room.  The basement has also had concrete poured to cover new septic lines and steel lintels welded into place to shore overlying walls and floors.

Dscn0914Elsewhere in the building, ductwork and sprinkler systems are following right behind the domestic plumbing.  Ducts will provide conditioned air from the basement air handlers.  This duct will be hidden in a soffit that will also contain sprinkler heads and downlights.
Dscn0920Sprinklering an old building is one of the larger challenges we face- sprinkler systems are dramatic improvements in providing for the safety of guests in the Hotel but they need to be fabricated on site to accommodate all the twists and turns required to be tucked into inconspicuous places.  In some cases, the sprinkler pipe will be exposed for lack of any other option.  Holes created to anchor the new systems will be covered int he second and third floor hallways by a new suspended ceiling.  All the heating system mains and sprinkler mains will run through this same space to limit the number of exposed elements in the guest rooms.  Once these systems are in place, the finish taping and troweling will commence.Dscn0922

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