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Por Que? Parquet?

Dsc03819Here's a shot of the new, improved dining room. The fellow crouching on the floor is applying goopy stuff to fill the seams in the newly-sanded parquet floor. Notice the three new doorways into the Noble Lobby over to the left of the photo? French doors will soon plug those holes.

Dsc03807This is one of the original stained glass windows on the mezzanine level. The main Noble Lobby will feature an even more colorful, restored stained glass ceiling/sky light.

Yes, I know about the suspect Spanish spelling and even more suspect grammar in the title— we're straining at the limits of our keyboards—but doesn't the parquet look great? Click the pics to find out.

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Chez Reagan No More: The Noble Evolves

ChezreaganFor much of the 1980's, "Chez Reagan" was the unofficial name of the Noble's dining room. Many, many course briefings and sumptuous meals occurred in this room during NOLS' tenure, and even before when it was a stand-alone fancy restaurant. Reminds me of an old story of fireworks and a pink cake inauspiciously combined...

Today, as you can see in this picture, the "Chez Reagan" is being transformed as part of the International Base Camp Initiative.

LobbyAnd speaking of near-transformation, take a look at the reconstituted Noble lobby. This is the place where NOLS students have hung out, written letters, played music and basked in front of the fireplace on their brief stints in town. It's where new (and sometimes trepedatious) students first enter NOLS when they check in at the front desk, get their room key, lug their cumbersome baggage up the stairs and into the gaggle of equally unsure strangers who become their fellow outdoor adventurers

Oh, and by the way, there have been a few parties in the lobby over the years too.

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