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Sharing the Joy of Wilderness Classrooms- The Trina and Jess Peterson Endowed Scholarship

After graduating from high school in 1982, Trina Peterson set out to take on the Wind River Wilderness course, an experience that has been an inspiration to her since that time. As an alumna, Trina continues to incorporate aspects of her wilderness course into a lifelong commitment to the NOLS core values and community.

 Trina and Jess Peterson near their home in Colorado.

The Trina and Jess Peterson Endowed Scholarship will honorably give future students the opportunity to receive the gift of learning about leadership and the environment, as well as a sense for self-empowerment through an awarded scholarship.

“It wasn’t even that Jess and I were inspired. More like compelled,” Trina explained.

“We figured that among the recipients of the scholarship, there would be a healthy number whose life course would be altered by their NOLS experience and who would, in turn, spread the word about the power and importance of wild places. The benefits of wise judgment and the pure joy of learning skills and gaining confidence while traveling through amazing landscapes.”


Trina and Jess share their passion for the outdoors with their two children, son Soren and daughter Tessa.

Trina is as enthusiastic about her NOLS experience today as she was thirty years ago, when she could be found sporting her wind pants, hiking books and hydration systems around her hometown of Cambridge, MA. Giving to NOLS came as naturally to her as her passion for leadership and the grand classroom of the wilderness.

With a community of alumni as supportive and generous as Trina and Jess Peterson, NOLS will continue to inspire a growing audience of students.

Read more about the NOLS Scholarship Program here. To learn more about giving to Campaign NOLS: Endowing Our Core Values or creating an endowed scholarships visit NOLS Giving or contact us at (800) 332-4280 or

Written by Meredith Hardwick, NOLS Alumni Intern.


| Posted by Larkin Flora on Nov 1, 2012

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