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Patagonia welcomes Season 2013-2014 Adventurers!

THE SEASON IS ON AT PATAGONIA!! We’ve been operating in different areas of this region with tons of good experiences for our students. Semester courses are still in the field after some transitions and the same for Patagonia Year courses. NAWE 1-2 (11/20) finished their hiking course in Cerro Castillo area and El Cordillerano. They spent 10 days hiking, learning leadership skills, and how to live comfortably in the outdoors. 

Spring semesters SSPM 1-2 (9/25) after their first section in the mountains around El Engaño and navigating through the fiords around Raúl Marín Balmaceda have transitioned and switched to their next section. Mountaineers now are around Mt. Melimoyu and the Kayakers started paddling towards Isla Magdalena National Park (,_Ays%C3%A9n_Region)

SSPM 1-2 (10/2) Mountaineers after spending a month in the mountains of Cerro Castillo (, learning technical skills among other leadership and basic skills were able to climb some peaks, go through some high passes and camp in some beautiful locations for a month. Kayakers went to navigate through Archipiélago de los Chonos, were able to cross Darwin Channel and saw Blue Whales, as well as other beautiful species like penguins and dolphins completing an ambitious route of 225 miles long. Right now both courses transitioned and are in the Mountains around Mt. San Lorenzo and paddling across Fiordo Aysén.


Season FY14 Felipe Cancino
by Felipe Cancino

Patagonia year courses are also learning a bunch and enjoying their time in the region. PY1-2 (10/19) after finishing their first section doing hiking are in the Mountains around Hidden Valley and the Barrancoso while PY3 (10/14) are learning first aid skills doing their Wilderness First Responder course after successfully completing a month of sea kayaking around the beautiful town Caleta Tortel.

Season FY14 Jay Slobodian
by Jay Slobodian
Season FY14 Jay Slobodian2
by Jay Slobodian

Congratulations to all our students completing their courses and their sections in the field. Keep working hard and enjoying Patagonia!

| Posted by Kamil Sade on Nov 27, 2013

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