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New Zealand

NZ Backpacking Courses Underway

NOLS NZ's two Backpacking courses commenced this week, with NZB1 heading to Kahurangi National Park and NZB2 exploring the Southern Alps between Lewis Pass and Arthurs Pass. Both groups were at the branch for a day and a half to issue their gear and pack rations for a month of hiking. They should enjoy the more stable weather that the late summer brings in NZ, but will learn skills to deal with the varied conditions and terrain types that mountain travel involves. They will receive 3 re-rations via vehicle and helicopter over the course of their journeys.

NZB1 striking a pose at the NOLS NZ branch
NZB2 savoring the fresh produce of the NOLS NZ garden before their adventure

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NZS-3 heads for the hills

New Zealand Semester Three students all arrived safely at NOLS NZ. The first day of their semester coincided with the first day of rain for the year at NOLS NZ. The group bagged 77 days worth of food and organized equipment that will be bought to them through out the semester. 

The group is now hiking in the Nelson Lakes National Park. 

P1310127First day of rain for 2015 

P2010141NZS-3 Student Group 

NZS-3 – 02/01/15 Schedule

Cultural:  2-3 Feb
1 – Backpacking:  4 Feb to 4 Mar
Branch Switch:  5-6 Mar
2 – Sea Kayaking: 7 Mar to 6 Apr
Field Switch: 7 Apr
3 – Sailing: 8 Apr to 16 Apr
Branch De-issue: 17 Apr
Graduation: 18 Apr

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NZS-2 Semester under way

NOLS NZ Spring Semester NZS-2 1/22/15 were welcomed at the Aniseed Valley base last week and were outfitted for the 77 days of expeditioning ahead. Their semester began with an overnight Maori Cultural Section at the Te Awhina Marae in nearby Motueka. The group then transitioned to the Marlborough Sounds to begin their month-long Sea Kayaking section.

Their semester schedule is as follows:

NZS-2 – 01/22/15


Cultural:  23-24 Jan
1 – Sea Kayaking:  25 Jan to 23 Feb
Branch Switch:  24-25 Feb
2 – Backpacking: 25 Feb to 26 Mar
Branch Switch: 27-28 Mar
3 – Sailing: 28 Mar to 6 Apr
Branch De-issue: 7 Apr
Course ends: 8 Apr

NZS-2 Student Group

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NZS-1 Start their adventure

NOLS New Zealand Spring Semester One students all arrived safely at NOLS NZ. They spent the first day bagging rations and thoroughly checking through their equipment for their 77-day adventure.

The semester began with a cultural section at the Te Awhina Marae where they were formally welcomed on to the Marae, got introduced to Maori customs, weaved anchors out of flax, and visited culturally significant sites. 

P1230089NZS-1 Student Group

The group is now canoeing on the Clarence River toward the Pacific Ocean.  

NZS-1 – 01/22/15 Schedule

Cultural:  23-24 Jan
1 – Canoe:  25 Jan to 15 Feb
Field Switch:  16 Feb
2 – Sea Kayaking: 17 Feb to 10 Mar
Branch Switch: 11-12 Mar
3 – Backpacking: 12 Mar to 6 Apr
Branch De-issue: 7 Apr
Course ends: 8 Apr


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NOLS NZ is open

NOLS NZ is now open for the season. We all enjoyed a classic New Zealand Christmas break with its mix of heavy rain and scorching hot days.  

New Zealand in-town staff for this season  IMG_2622
Wes       Joy           Puja            Sheldon        Andy 
TC            Christian      Jordy           Camine          Roo

This season we are running three Spring Semesters and two 30-day Backpacking Courses. The first courses start next week. 

If you would like to send mail to students at NOLS NZ, please send to the address below. Allow 10-14 days for delivery. Please write their couse code after their name. 

Student's Name & Course Code
NOLS New Zealand
4 Serpentine River Road
Aniseed Valley RD1
Richmond 7081
New Zealand



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NZ Season Sunset

New Zealand's final two fall semester courses return from the wilderness last week marked the end of our field season, with just a week to go before we break for the Christmas/New Year holidays.

NZSF4 brought back some amazing stories from their final section Sea Kayaking in the Marlborough Sounds, including sightings of whales, sharks, penguins and, of course, wekas. The group developed some solid sea kayak skills, featuring a full range of rescue techniques, rolls and rough water paddling practice. Highlight of the course was being able to do some long silent paddle stretches and really appreciating being out on the water.

Congratulations to all this year's NOLS NZ graduates and we hope to hear stories of the adventures to come!

PC060535A silent paddle in glassy waters was a highlight for NZSF4


Graduating in style - NZSF4 celebrate the end of their semester with a
Sea Kayak salute


A Marlborough Sounds sunset that students will hopefully remember
many years from now!

(Photos: Michelle Watson)


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NZSF-5 Returns From Canoeing

New Zealand Semester Five has returned from the Clarence River after Canoeing from the high alpine environment near the Southern Alps to the Pacific Ocean.
2014-12-08 18.38.39Six students from NZSF-5 made it to the Pacific Ocaen 

2014-11-01 08.51.40Clarence River flowing North from Dillon Cone  

2014-11-25 09.11.49Instructor Kurt Hotchkiss teaching geology in the hills


The group stayed at Muzzle Station and helped Colin Nimmo clear a tree that had fallen over in high winds.
They then enjoyed a tour of the
Clarence Valley Apiaries (which produces Organic Blue Borage Honey), a
sheep dog trial demonstration, and a tour of the beautiful remote high country farm. 


The group is now graduating and enjoying a Kiwi Spring Barbeque in the rain.
They will soon be off on their next adventure. 


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NZSF-3 Return from the Elements

NOLS New Zealand Fall Semester Three returns from the mountaineering section of their semester.
The Third and final section had students battling with the full force of the New Zealand spring weather. The group came back with many stories of sleepless nights holding down the tents.
One storm dropped almost three feet of snow in 48 hours and a separate wind storm left no tent standing.

Despite battling the elements they all came back happy and healthy.

P1030592Despite sleepless nights they still made it up some peaks

The final walk out down the Tapio River


The group has now graduated and are off on their next adventure. 

Everyone at NOLS NZ wishes them safe travels. 






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NZSF2 - Performed & Transformed!

NZSF2 9-11-25 graduated last week after returning from their 3rd section - hiking in Nelson Lakes National Park. The dominantly cold and wet weather did not detract from their achievement, and the group had opportunity to prove their wilderness skills in a 6 day mini-expedition independent of instructors at the end of the section. Congratulations to the group of 10 who started and finished this semester as a strong community, and with smiles on their faces!

NZSF-2 graduation

NZSF2 Students and Hike Instructors basking in sunlit glory on Graduation Day

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NOLS NZ Thanksgiving

NZSF-1 & 2 enjoyed an early thanksgiving dinner at NOLS NZ. The homey and hearty meal was a welcome celebration to the completion of the semesters. 

IMG_0790Slightly Early Thanksgiving Dinner

Enjoying a Homely Thanksgiving Meal

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